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U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad 2018!


This 2018, we have the  U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad at a new location. The Community College of Baltimore County, CCBC. It is located in Catonsville. We will be using the laboratory facilities in the MASH (Math and Science) building; the parking lot  No.3 is adjacent to the building.  


The date of the exam has been change (only for this year) to Saturday, April  14, 2018. Due to this especial change an exam security form must be signed by parents, teachers and participant students. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by e-mail. Sincerely, Beatrice Salazar  USNCO Coordinator (this applies only to USNCO nominees).

The U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad, USNCO, is a multi-tiered competition for high school students. It tests the knowledge and skills of the most talented chemistry students at a national and international levels. Learn more about this exciting competition in the Maryland website.

The current website is intended to help you find information, dates, and forms easier. Please use the websites submitted for you to find the requirements for this year's competition. The ACS Maryland Section has several requirements for students that wish to participate in USNCO. 

The requirements include:

                   1. Complete a registration form with accurate information of the student, school and parents  

                   2. A letter of recommendation from the chemistry teacher (preferable) or from a professor or person

                       that could testify in writing the participant's academic qualifications to take this rigorous exam. More information is found in the BLOG.

                   3. Take the Maryland Local Section Exam between March 1- March 25 of 2018

The USNCO general information link contains previous local and national examinations including answers in addition to the requirements and rules as dictated by The American Chemical Society, ACS.

CONTACT:  Beatrice Salazar, U.S. Chemistry Olympiad Coordinator

                                                 Maryland Section Chair 2018

                                                 [email protected]  

                                                 Cell +1 443-801-0582 (leave message)